Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bird's-eye view


kasturi said...

hi lori,

where do you find all these great shots? this one is so simple, yet so interesting...

and i loved the random fast-food signage!

Pedro said...

Great foto and matching title.

TheTart said...

Such a fun pick.. little birdie look--out! BTW.. Martha Stewart shows how to make shutters into organizers. How bout them apples!

Come back by my you will find a bit about U in my recent post!

Big Sunday Smooch,
The Tart
; )

Lori Witzel said...

Thanks, everyone -- sometimes I get lucky, but mostly I'm lucky to have a bunch of smart creative folks like you encouraging me.

"Will work for comments."


Rikki said...

I love it :) You seem to like in this crazy world where there are cute things everywhere and milo grows on trees.
can i come visit?

Lori Witzel said...

Rikki -- yes, that's exactly where I live (except on most workin' days, but oh well, can't help it if others don't see the milo.)

Do come visit -- we have a spare bedroom, and will tell the cats (Sputnik, Kizmet, and Jocelyn Bell Burnell) not to be too cute lest they raise your blood sugar to dizzying heights.