Thursday, October 04, 2007

Angle of repose

"...the white-knuckled lover
of broken machines. ..."

From "The Field" by Michael McGriff


raindog said...

great colors here. and i'm diggin the circular cloud action you've captured. need to remind myself to come around more often.

Pod said...

cool lori! cool. and i loved your random meats submission

Pythia3 said...

Very fitting for me these days, Lori.
Hope you are well.
Peace, Lindy

david said...

Love the blue sky and clouds. I'm in Eastern Washington until October 12. Here, the sky is much more like the sky in Texas. All it takes is driving over the Cascade Mountains in Washington to find a completely different world. The light is different. The air is different. Feels good to be in a place that is relatively dry. That's it for now.