Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baling / Unbaling

"...I had the new books—words, numbers,
and operations with numbers I did not

From "Three Songs at the End of Summer" by Jane Kenyon


Back, and tired.

My mom went to the hospital, was released from the hospital, then went back into the hospital, but is getting better.
Part of my team at work was reassigned to another department; it happened while I was out dealing with parent schtuff, and required many conference calls.
School starts next week.
I was accepted to present my Giotto paper here! Yay!
And I am once again staple-free. (I seem to have a new one of these as a result.)

I think I want a "do-over" on this supposed vacation.
What do you think -- should I go here, or here?
If the second choice, I can stay with friends...the first will set me back some $$ I may need for things like traveling to present papers.


Granny J said...

Oh, dear, choices! That Astronomy Lodge sounds really cool. As for cowlicks, my LH had a headful of the dang things -- which all his kids inherited.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Hope your mom stays well and well away from hospitals! I'd vote for The Cloisters... preferably when it is hotter'n'hell here and merely "warm" there.

Pedro said...

Tell your mom to get better soon.
I think cowlics nowadays are made with black and decker tools.

jarvenpa said...

Oh, go to the Cloisters--but in the spring time. I hope your mom is better much soon, and that you get some time that is pure delight, no worries.

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

Maybe instead a few bottles of Lone Star and some BBQ.

Mazel tov on AR and the paper. This kind of success will pull you toward a Ph.D., from which you cannot escape, and from UT students, from which you will not be able to escape, Professor Lori. But think about the possibilities of field trips and papers on the sociology and art of SoCentral Texas BBQ joints. "Middle-class Angst and Anomie at Four Texas Family-run restaurants," and "Ambient Linkage between Etruscan and South Central Texas Dining Implements."

Ed Maskevich said...

If you're are real nerd head, techie, mathematical geek type then the observatory is for you. If you are historical and artsy with a love of the mystical then it's the Cloisters. I have been there often. When I lived in NYC it was one of my favorite places to visit. Warm thoughts and prayers to mom.

Pica said...

Lori: The Astronomer's Lodge is wonderful, we were there in April. But so are the Cloisters. April would be good for that too.

Take care of yourself through all these ups and downs, and congrats on getting the Giotto paper accepted. Wow.

Lori Witzel said...


Granny J: What I think I really need is a Greta Garbo "I vant to be alone" camping week, but ain't no such thing in sight, not when time, and time with friends, are so precious. I agree about the Observatory -- and it is quite literally cool up there in the mountains.

KPW: Alas, my mom is still there -- electolyte wonkiness. But she's much improved after some scary moments for my dad right after I left. Hopefully she'll be home, and stay home, later this week. Yew Nork is too dang hot in the summer compared to the mountains of West Texas...but still...hhhm.

Pedro: *snork!* I have a drill (used for making painting frames) that I might try...

jarvenpa: Thanks for your kind and soothing good wishes. I met a friend in Blanco on Sunday, and when she asked what would help me feel better, I said "Throwing rocks into the water." And so we found a nice-sized creek, and she very thoughtfully amassed a pile o' rocks, and we threw until our arms that's what I call therapeutic.

Shelly: I'm leaning towards Abelour 16-Yr-Old and some BBQ. I love those frickin' paper titles! Must. Get. Me. Some. Etruscan Art and Napkins. Yeah re: Ph.D. and Prof Lori, but wot the heck, I need to do something after the marketing bus drops me off.

Ed: Well, I'm sorta both. So maybe I'll head outside in the mountains, look up at the Milky Way, and think about the fingerprint of unique spectra that whisper each star's presence.

Pica: Ooh, do tell!!! Alas, it will be mid-summer until another shot at vacation for me...I'll be writing school work and working on marketing during spring break. And thanks for the kind support, and the "attawaytogo" -- serves me right for asking those big ol' questions!

Anonymous said...

Giotto sends congrats to you, and best wishes for your mom.

Mauricio said...

Melhoras para sua mãe Lori!


marly said...

Upswing, I see: I hope you both keep on that trajectory!

And congratulations--you are on an interesting path.

am said...

Good to know that your mom is doing better.
Hope you find time to get the rest you need, too. Take good care of yourself .

That's great news about the Giotto paper! And the possibility of a visit with friends and the Cloisters.

"And yes, plaques with poems on the playground walls." (Marilyn Hacker)

chris miller said...

Any chance you'll post your Giotto paper online? (I can't make it to Arkansas -- and I still haven't gotten over the Scrovegni Chapel)