Tuesday, August 07, 2007


"... Mine, mine,
says the squirrel to the transformer,
unclear on the capacities of electricity. ..."

From "Thrown as if Fierce & Wild" by Dean Young


chris miller said...

This might be the only view from which these landscape-destroying monstrosities look any good -- and here it look the many-armed Lord Shiva, "transformer" of the universe.

polona said...

this looks rather magnificent!

Dave MacIntyre said...

Powerlines...yay! :)

MB said...

(Have you watched the movie?) Thanks for these marvelous poem introductions.

catnapping said...

stunning perspective.

i hate power lines. but i love power lines.

i'm still fascinated by their magic...

Pecos Blue said...

Ahh but what teeth can do.

The Tart said...

MIne mine ... LOL!

Come see my newest pic on my photo bloggy ... very Venue cool.

The Tart
; *

Larry said...

Wonderful composition, Lori! Doesn't it just gladden your heart when the sky provides such backdrops?