Monday, March 17, 2008

7:10 AM

"...My dawns come up circumspectly,
Quietly with no great fuss. ..."

From "Dawn" by James Laughlin


Bubba said...

Hi, Lori... I spent a few minutes perusing your blog and its comments (I think you can learn from them). I must tell you, I'm impressed by the worldly scholarship of your writing and your readers' comments, even when, like right now, I have no idea how to interpret the subject matter you put up. Did you hear or feel the sonic boom a couple of minutes ago as the meaning went right over my head?

That's okay, though, the ringing in my ears is already starting to fade. I'll try again tomorrow, my daddy didn't raise no quitters...

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

"...anything to get words...out of my head..."
for what it's worth, I think "dove sta memoria" is in Cavalcanti's Canzone d'Amore but I'm not sure - Ezra Pound translations here
best to you, Major Lori

raindog said...

love this! rust, rust, rust! reminds me of a scene from a doomsday movie.

Gloria, Writer Reading said...

Another crappy scene like a zillion I pass everyday, looking mysterious, compelling, dare I say beautiful through your eyes. Orange yet. My least favorite color. A photomagician you are.

neilornstein said...

If I could go back in time I would woo my sweet wife thusly and with concision:

"You are my major blvd,
my rd 2 hapness
my ave of cntentmnt""