Thursday, March 20, 2008

In reality

"...Enough of the explanations. Awake in reality is perfectly
fine and capable of adorning concrete with landscapes..."

From "Dream Intrusion" by Brian Stephenson


Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

you know me: couldn't resist following the prompts you'd use to find this poem - pinsky power poetry - and fell in love with the first entry where the Poet Laureate talks of his childhood and of the effects of a fall on his mother's sensitivity to light and sound. So:
powerful pic (pun unintended but there nonetheless)
great poem
and the link to Pinsky
what more can one ask for?

neilornstein said...

Do the dead speak buried truth to buried power?

Bubba said...

Lori, much as it pains me to speak for the bottom third of the class, I can't make a connection between the title and the passage. If you'll uncover your paper so that I can write down your answers, I promise I'll read the text.

Well, okay, maybe not *promise*, but I'll try...

Lori Witzel said...

Hey y'all!

Lee -- I forgot that I queried Brian by way of leaving him a comment, so had a moment of "Whhoooooooo, how did she know that?!" until I clicked on his poem again.

Neil -- Dude, you are so making me laugh out loud.

Bubba -- No worries, there sometimes isn't much connection to be found. In this case, it's all pretty slim. I was thinking about how wiped out I was during and after working that trade show, and made a very loose connection to the idea that all my power was buried (maybe even gone and shorted out), and an even looser connection to all the concrete and hyper-managed landscape in Orlando. (If this were a lamp, any connection that loose would make for unreliable illumination -- no wonder you're scratching your head...)


Gloria, Writer Reading said...

Buried flower? Glower? Slower? Mower? Lower? Rower? Tower? Vower (one who vows)? Wower (self-explanatory)? Yeah, I know Power's already taken. I actually vote for Mower given the look of the grass.

Anonymous said...

Just rushing through here. All your photos are worthy of comment, but I really like this quote.

Larry said...

We all have some buried power, though it may not be so plainly marked by a sign!

You've posted some great photos lately, BTW!