Monday, June 11, 2007


I decided to sketch rather than press a shutter-button, and was surprised to find:
* How impatient I was with the time spent sitting
* How impatient I was with the process of building up an image mark-upon-mark
* How many spiders there were

(Click on the pic to see the sketchy details.)


Pedro said...

Thanks. I think it was worth. Good post.

Laureline said...

Ha! I'm so glad you did, though, you impatient thing! Your sketches are just my cup of tea. Or my mojito. You know what I mean.
So much effervescence in them there lines, Ms L!

chris miller said...

A two-inch spider ?

I'm glad you had more fortitude than Little Miss Muffet .

Looks like the Great-Spider-Spirit appreciated the fine job you were doing with that weather worn sign.

Marly Youmans said...

What a lot of insects and spiders there are... Your handwriting looks quickquickquick, and the page divided pleasantly like a comic, so it still gives an impression of f-a-s-t.