Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slow posting, slant brickwork

"...This light is brittle,
old pale hair kept in a letter. ..."

From "Louisiana Line" by Betty Adcock


More business conferences pressing, more research paper work to do, more art history paper refurbishment ahead, and so ever-slower posting.

When I posted daily, I'd spend four or five hours wandering with a camera both weekend days, and some weeks a lunch time or three thrown in -- that's what it took to get fresh goodness for the sharing.

Now that I'm working through lunches and spending my weekends with schoolwork (or, this year, spending more time on misadventures than normal)...ah well.

That's all a long way of saying this too shall pass, but right now posting will be at a slow-poke pace until it isn't. And for those folks who wander by -- thanks. I'll surface again with pixels to share in a few.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yellow tube

"...My thoughts keep dwelling on the littoral
where china clocks tick in the cold shells..."

From "Night Thoughts" by Carl Rakosi

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seen and unseen

"...My mind’s eye opens before
my body is ready..."

From "Adding It Up" by Philip Booth


My last two trips took me to places where you'd be sharing in some of the oxidative delights I saw, had I chosen to pack a camera.

Hot Springs, Arkansas, poised damply on a haunch of the Zigzag Mountains; New Orleans, Louisiana, pentimento'd on the alluvial exhalation of the Mississippi River.

But some things are for the seeing, not the catching -- and I knew a camera in hand would pull my attention away from other demands.

Home, at last, trying to shake a nasty respiratory virus, looking forward to those next things seen and unseen.

Thanks for coming back by.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Slivers of time, with bonus update

Not much time for much in the way of a post, as I'm now en route here.

That said, here are some of the people I met, and the treats they shared, there:
My co-panelist, whose witty, pithy presentation was a very tough act to follow.
A passel of art history professors, not all shared here, who made this newbie feel immeasurably welcome.
Some treats -- feasts for the eye and mind.

(Oh, turn the sound down when clicking on that last link -- it's a bit loud.)

Now, off to the airport...


Addendum from the road (mostly for Marly):

* The paper was very well received -- had a great Q&A session which will further strengthen it before Kalamazoo; one gent said the part about Boccaccio blew him away. (Wow!)

* And I now have a reload of the cold/fever/virus thingie that bit me a little while ago. Less than fun to work a trade show with such, but we're on track to meet business goals despite it.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Picture: window

"...A window to the east will serve as well
As window to the west..."

From "Part for the Whole" by Robert Francis


I'm on the road again -- first here to present a paper, then there for business.

And so not much new in this pixelated place for a week or so.


Well, thanks for coming back by -- and I will, too.