Monday, March 09, 2009

Slivers of time, with bonus update

Not much time for much in the way of a post, as I'm now en route here.

That said, here are some of the people I met, and the treats they shared, there:
My co-panelist, whose witty, pithy presentation was a very tough act to follow.
A passel of art history professors, not all shared here, who made this newbie feel immeasurably welcome.
Some treats -- feasts for the eye and mind.

(Oh, turn the sound down when clicking on that last link -- it's a bit loud.)

Now, off to the airport...


Addendum from the road (mostly for Marly):

* The paper was very well received -- had a great Q&A session which will further strengthen it before Kalamazoo; one gent said the part about Boccaccio blew him away. (Wow!)

* And I now have a reload of the cold/fever/virus thingie that bit me a little while ago. Less than fun to work a trade show with such, but we're on track to meet business goals despite it.

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am said...

Hi Lori! Take good care of yourself.

Your studies and travels inspire me with all their possibilities (-: