Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yellow tube

"...My thoughts keep dwelling on the littoral
where china clocks tick in the cold shells..."

From "Night Thoughts" by Carl Rakosi


lowenkopf said...

Something calming and satisfying about this play of shapes and textures.

Dale said...

But what, I wonder, is the tube for?

lowenkopf said...

Tube is for beer.

Lori Witzel said...

Shelly: Weather and chance do nice work with brick and iron, don't they? beer, *snork!*

Dale: I was thinking AC drainage, but I like Shelly's theory better.

Still shedding the Nasty Cold Symptoms, although the virus has since moved on I think. Coughing gets to be a drag, y'all; I'm looking forward to feeling spunky again.

am said...

“. . . I am a visual poet but I am also satirical at times and often meditative and those three sometimes clash, but that’s just being a human being.” (Carl Rakosi)

As always, thanks for the links and introductions to poets I'm not familiar with.

When I saw the words "yellow tube," before I saw your photo, I thought of Vincent van Gogh. That tall window looks like a faceless I-Ching grandfather clock with a dab of yellow paint at the bottom. Dali at play?

Old bricks appeal to me in the same way rust does. I like these bricks. And the patterns on the plywood.

Hope you feel spunky again soon!

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well; I hope you perk up soon.

I love the way the paint is wearing off the bricks in this photo ... the exposed bricks look so soft.

MjM said...

A Question and an Answer


Why did the paint wear off the bricks the way it did?


The yellow tube - that's an AC unit behind the grill barely visible in the window. The tube is the condensate drain.

What do I win? And do I have to give it to the person who answers my Question?

White Elephant!

(Superb. My captcha word is "rantra", which pretty much describes what I'm doing here)

jarvenpa said...

Lori, I'm glad your presentation and journey went well...but sorry a virus decided to ride back with you.
(my word is rhampa, which sounds vaguely mysto-Tibetan or something).

Catnapping said...

I love old buildings. It bothers the hell outta me when they tear them down to put up these ugly new glass things...

If I won the lottery, I'd buy up all the old buildings, and reclaim them...make small living spaces so that everyone would have a place to live...dry, safe, and warm.