Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seen and unseen

"...My mind’s eye opens before
my body is ready..."

From "Adding It Up" by Philip Booth


My last two trips took me to places where you'd be sharing in some of the oxidative delights I saw, had I chosen to pack a camera.

Hot Springs, Arkansas, poised damply on a haunch of the Zigzag Mountains; New Orleans, Louisiana, pentimento'd on the alluvial exhalation of the Mississippi River.

But some things are for the seeing, not the catching -- and I knew a camera in hand would pull my attention away from other demands.

Home, at last, trying to shake a nasty respiratory virus, looking forward to those next things seen and unseen.

Thanks for coming back by.


neilornstein said...

"It's a setup" he says. "you come here looking to have your kbooks processed," she paused at this point for effect, his voice a throaty growl, " and they set you up!"

She drew on her cigarette,ignoring him, her mind somewhere else thinking of that lecture about that Italian guy, Foacaccia? No that wasn't it. Those people hiding out from the plague in a farmhouse, telling stories, killing time.

Dale said...


shake that cold!

Lori Witzel said...

Neil: *snork* coffcoffcoffcoff

Dale: XOXO back -- and yes, I will!

Willie Baronet said...

Love the cropping on this! And hope you are feeling better!