Monday, December 29, 2008

Random acts of search terms

Sorry, but running low on the fresh pics inventory...and I couldn't resist posting the very unusual ways people end up at this blog. My scattererd links within the list are equally arbitrary, riffing off what came to mind.

Skipping the first twenty search terms, and in descending order of frequency, we have the following...


hexagram 30 clinging
tips iron and steel
curly witzel cowboy
audrey flack chanel
drawing ghost flames
eccentric polygon
analyze porch swing in september
welcome english do you have beer?
story 150 words
slender men
buny grafiti
newyear good word
tree energy texas
poems about platonic solids
small town with one road
dan chelotti
gary larson cow hide
edward hirsch lori
blue lacey
implied objects
air books for children
who will know us? gary soto summary
who will know us? analysis gary soto
my dreams my works must wait till after hell
mexican hat asteraceae daves
everyday mottos
everyday motto
define running errands
just hypnotized
fort davis tx indian lodge restaurant menu
learning to love america poem analysis by shirley geok-lin lim
day dock
carl chelf
crush carol ann duffy
compare the silent rose of the sun
monologue for an onion poems
long nose, pencil thin suckerfish
motto about beauty
flip-it! good to use
how to get rid of ipomoea indica
allergies in alpine texas
christmas mur
good word for the new year
silver shut
three bad jacks patches
how to ghost flames
cairn building
salcman poetry
poem about a backache
good word for new year
cosmetology motto
android parts robot
magritte chatoyance
who will know us analysis
the blind always come as such a surprise by ted kooser analysis
glowing buddhas
chatoyance art studio
chost flames
snow's mail order bbq?
garage apartment photo
thomas campi st michaels maryland
learning to love american by shirley geok-lin lim analysis
playing in mud barefoot
hexagram clinging
back ache poem
mayfield park peacocks winter
graffitis de bunny
cell phone charm platonic solid
new year gud words
with ghost flames
murry witzel austin tx
alpine texas bread and breakfast
chatoyance ring
everyday motto
seduction story blogspot
running errands vikipedi
crimes about 300 words
piercing gaze
new year's good words
good words new year
i'm just hypnotized

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost dusk

"...All had been said,
The unsayable, when your translator joined us,
Our time was up and, brightened, I walked on..."

From "Coevals" by Michael Hamburger

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Green blue red

"Think of a line as an edge,
as the edge of a form
that is moving away from you in space.

And I do..."

From "Drawing Lesson: Outline and Edge" by Elizabeth Seydel Morgan

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


"...heads bow, eyes close; the blessings are said.

Here there is good will; here peace
on earth..."

From "Sunday Brunch at the Old Country Buffet" by Anne Caston


Happy happy merry merry to all those stopping by, to all my friends known and unknown.

Cute Alert: Felix Navidad!

And, for those who'd like something less sweet for the holidays, here's a heaping helping of Fruitcake Abuse. (Note: there's an advertisement embedded in all but the first...however, it was too much fun to pass 'em by.)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Texas

It was time, we decided, for a road trip.

My friend had been wrestling with ongoing health challenges, and I'd been wrestling with that feeling I've been running on fumes. We knew what would make us both feel better.

We chose a theme: "Pie - Art - Pie"
We chose a form: Drive to Fort Worth to see at least two museums, and while on the road investigate at least one of the cafes noted here, and eat pie. Pie on the way up, art in the middle, pie on the way back.

It was a grand day!

We left at 7am, driving here through an uncharacteristic thick fog that made everything on the highway mysterious.

I had a poppy-seed kolache and coffee, and she had a sausage kolache and a blueberry cream-cheese kolache and coffee.

Since I've not had much in the way of sweets for some time, I felt the sugar rushing through my blood like fire.

(And yes, there was pivo for sale, and yes, they played this sort of music through their PA system.)

While not pie strictly speaking, the kolaches were yummy!

Miles flew by while we chatted. We discussed what art might be created on a planet where there was no community, only a monad life-form (and since found I should read "Monad Number Two" to learn more). We discussed family schtuff. We talked about school (she's gone back to school too). We talked about ASL, and whether a poem in ASL could be better served in translation to written word or to dance.

We landed in a place where certain Precolumbian terra cotta figures looked lively enough to undo their protective cases (after the guards left for the night, of course) and where I saw something so beautiful I found myself tearing up.

From there, we went here, and had some extra fun watching/hearing little bitty kiddos and their parents making echoes inside this.

An excessively delicious and leisurely lunch in the museum cafe, and then back on the road to Austin with much happy arguing over where to turn to find the freeway.

Miles later a stop here. Yes, I had a small burger (really good) but we were there for the pie. Pie -- I had buttermilk, she took a piece of chocolate cream to go, and I got a piece of the nutmeg-happy buttermilk for my hubbie. Yes, we did get a little lost on the way back, but I saw the old theater above as a result.

It was all Texas, and all good.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Junk mosaic

"...I hanker for that place beyond the sparrow
Where the wrench beds in mud, the sun-hat hangs
In densest branches, and the book is drowned.
Ah, you have read my mind. ..."

From "The Mind-Reader" by Richard Wilbur

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bunny graffiti

" feel that the light is a rabbit-light,
In which everything is meant for you
And nothing need be explained..."

From "A Rabbit as King of the Ghosts" by Wallace Stevens

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two, strung

" through-line exists:

to sink the head of a nail below the surface,
to fix as a distinguishing imprint, sign, or appearance,
to incite..."

From "Streamers" by Arthur Sze

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pressed / shed

"On a wall shadowed by lights from the distance
is the screen. Icons come to it dressed in capes..."

From "The Screen of Distance" by Barbara Guest


Class is wrapped for the semester! After a round of defensive driving tomorrow (to offset that speeding ticket I received while returning from a medieval conference) I will have more time to wander with a camera.

Friday, December 05, 2008


"...Black cinders, burdock, sumac, Pepsi, cellophane,
Each syllable a filament in the cord
Of a word-net..."

From "City Elegies" by Robert Pinsky

Wednesday, December 03, 2008