Wednesday, December 24, 2008


"...heads bow, eyes close; the blessings are said.

Here there is good will; here peace
on earth..."

From "Sunday Brunch at the Old Country Buffet" by Anne Caston


Happy happy merry merry to all those stopping by, to all my friends known and unknown.

Cute Alert: Felix Navidad!

And, for those who'd like something less sweet for the holidays, here's a heaping helping of Fruitcake Abuse. (Note: there's an advertisement embedded in all but the first...however, it was too much fun to pass 'em by.)


lowenkopf said...

Love your imaginative canvas. I was fearful your studies were taking you away from the basics.

Anonymous said...

man. I say more power to the fruitcake - or the warriors need stronger explosives.

Health, peace, Light and Feliz to you and yours, Lori.

Dale said...

Merry Christmas, Lori! Thank you for all these splendid gifts, day after day.

polona said...

although i haven't been around much, i wish you the same!

Lori Witzel said...


Shelly: The book learnin' does crunch my time, but...once I get a little rest, two hours spent waiting to meet a friend for dinner can find me finding something to share. Light happens.

Anon: Who needs nanotech when we have yet to plumb the mysterious power of the fruitcake? Likewise, my friend!

Dale: You and your posts are part of my joy-filled cornucopia -- thanks back to you, and I hope y'all are getting some break from the ice and snow up there.

Polona: :-) I've had similar time crunches. Stop by when you's all good! I am always glad to "see" you.

Pedro said...

Interesting graffitti. Australian look and very good on yhe foto.
Very merry xmas for you.

Dana S. Whitney said...

Merry Merry to you!
Off to the fruitcakes!

studio lolo said...

I stumbled here through Neil's place. I'm glad I did. Your photos are wonderful...great eye! And I like what you choose to post with each one. Very thought provoking pieces. And you have some wonderful links!

I caught myself doing a double-take on the Bunny Graffiti post. There's a blogger who does those exact bunnies whose name escapes me.

Christmas Day word verification=feliz.
I swear!

neilornstein said...

It was wonderful hearing from you and it was far too long since I have visited your fine blogish establishment.

I was exceptionally jealous when I read of your field trip, the combination of pie and art, involved two of the loveliest things in this short live.
Best of the season to you and your husband.
Regards, Neil

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays, Lori! Thank you for your ever fascinating photos and posts. May your creative juices keep flowing, and best with your studies!

Anonymous said...

I love the leaves...beautiful.

I'd be worried about anyone tackling fruitcakes. They're immortal, ya know. They might look dead, but they just re-form like the Terminator2...mark my words.

Stay warm; drink cocoa.

annie said...

wow, I love that photo. Goes to show that adding a little paint can really spruce a place up!

Merry bleated Christmas!