Thursday, December 25, 2008

Green blue red

"Think of a line as an edge,
as the edge of a form
that is moving away from you in space.

And I do..."

From "Drawing Lesson: Outline and Edge" by Elizabeth Seydel Morgan


Dale said...


(I loved Hildegarde!!!)

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed ALSO coming back to your blog. I enjoyed the Pie-Art-Pie road trip, sounds like you had a lovely day. It is amazing what a road trip will do.

amber said...

Love the green color here Merry Christmas to you Lori Hope the new year brings you peace, happiness and loads of success.xox

Anonymous said...

love this, lori - and how you just keep on turning up these gems

happy holidays, and thanks for stopping by with a christmas wish.

~ karen

Anonymous said...

I like this - what a great presentation of colour. Happy holiday season to you (I think someone mentioned already that's nice seasonal green you've got going there!)

lowenkopf said...

Drawn as I am to places where the entrance is in the alley, universities uppermost, I found this image restorative and comforting. With the proper amount of coffee, I could hold forth in one of those chairs until I was driven forth to find meaningful work.

am said...

I can see that it's not a black, white and grey day in Austin (-:

This morning I was playing around with the background color on my blog. For a minute or two, my blog was the same green as that wall. The green looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where I'd seen it. Right here!

Thanks so much for the links to "Drawing Lesson: Outline and Edge" and the introduction to Elizabeth Seydel Morgan.

Nadinha said...

Thank you for your visit.
Feiz Natal, Feliz Ano Novo from Lisbon

annie said...

corner of two worlds
sliding together, sharing
a peek at each other

James-H said...

A printer's nightmare! NO WAY to reproduce this!

raindog said...

perfect! love the colors and especially those two burnt out bulbs. fantastic. hope you have a great new year's.