Saturday, September 05, 2009


"...All night I wander alone, searching in vain for the irretrievable.

In the night I will drink from a cup of ashes and yellow paint. ..."

From "Nights on Planet Earth" by Campbell McGrath


First full week back at the office (whew), and now need to get caught up on schoolwork. Oh yes, also reaching out for Italian tutoring, among other bits of trouble-making.

If I'm not too punk tomorrow, will wander some with a camera in hand. (Yay! Fresh pixels!)


Dale said...

Oh, I love the photo!

steven said...

hi lori - i'm liking the words and the picture. i didn't know about campbell mcgrath and now i do i dug up the link to the whole of the poem and kerblam!!! there 'tis. stunning all on it's own! thanks for this. steven

lowenkopf said...

Didn't realize you worked for Frostie.

Lori Witzel said...

Hi gents!

Dale: Muchas grassy a**!

Steven: That's one of the things I like about the hunt for a poem bit -- I get to learn about poets and poems I'd never known, and remind myself that the world is just dripping with creative energy.

Shelly: With 65+ days of temps at 100+ F this summer, will definitely work for Frostie. ;-)

20th Century Woman said...

Beautiful photos

mansuetude said...

love it! I have a sundrop box just like that... yours is winter and mine is summer.