Saturday, December 05, 2009


"I looked around, I thought of the lower wisdom,
spirit held by matter..."

From "Little Furnace" by Brenda Hillman


I have a few more tasty pixels left over from the Thanksgiving weekend to share, like the one above. Again, time-crunched until next weekend -- am heading out to work another conference tomorrow. But next weekend...ah, maybe more wandering.

I did meet with my next Directed Study professor, and am anticipating a groaning board of tasty art-related readings and much writing next semester.


steven said...

lori - i love this image. steven

am said...

"We are allowed again the glare
Of the sand, the druid hills,
The grasses brushing the legs, though
Just to have felt it once would have been enough."
(Brenda Hillman)

Thanks for the links that led me to more of her poetry and the interview.

I'll say it again. Your photographs are poetry. This one is a new favorite of mine.

Kind wishes always,

Anonymous said...

That photo could have been done in Graulhet, so familiar are the patterns in it. Fabulous poem and interview.

courage with all the work stuff, et bonne continuation to you, Lori.

lowenkopf said...

You won't find anything like this in San Jose, which means we'll have to wait you out.

Dale said...

Wow. Me too.

James Behrens, OCSO said...

Love your photographs...James

Lori Witzel said...

Hey all y'all -- wish I was home and not on a business trip! Thanks for stopping by and sending some warmth my way.

Steven: It was a very great alley I wandered down that day!

am: Thanks, as always -- I hope you're finding beautiful bits of entropy in your part of the world.

rlb: Courage indeed! I could use an extra dose, or another cup of coffee at least...

Shelly: I saw some intriguing rusty warehouse-y things along the 101 south of San Mateo, but these darn trips are so focused I haven't been able to take the time. Oh well, another excuse for BBQ road trips this coming weekend...

Dale: :-)

James: Likewise, back atcha! Would you mind if I linked to your blog?

marly youmans said...

Especially liked this one, Lori...