Friday, June 18, 2010


"In the future, I imitate an imagined trumpet sound
Or the brilliant purple words of a man or woman I haven’t met yet..."

From "Very Strong February" by Bernadette Mayer


One big fat dream last night, of myself and a friend bobbing in the middle of the Pacific ocean, nothing to see except water and incredibly tall waves that never crested. We rode the waves up, then down into the troughs, and finally saw a tiny island, an atoll really, far off.

The waves pushed us there, and the island was not much bigger than a small room.
But the very few people on it were friendly.

I hope your week was a good one; I hope this week brings you lots of brilliant purple words and large, benign waves.


lowenkopf said...

No benign waves here; my Saturday writing workshop was double booked with a meeting of the local Tea Partyers.

donny* said...

there's just something about purple cars, isn't there? they add more vrrrr to vrrrrooom.