Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sometimes a poem happens

Inside out

It’s as if I could slip
my fingers through each isarithm
of softwood—cheap paneling
now a matte painting of the wall,
now its memory, now

And on the other side, what I
set in motion: the open field, the low hill,
a crease scored in bent blades of grass
where I forgot the wall stood,
my footsteps blurring as the
grass unbends.


Too much going on to wander with a camera, but sometimes a poem happens instead.

Have a lovely week, all y'all.


Dale said...

Oh, that's magnificent, Lori! I love it, love it.

donny* said...

indeed! great poem.

marly youmans said...

Nice! Like that close, too. Just came by to swoop through a few and say "Hi" from my nutty little too-busy life.