Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gold and tin

"Now the light will fade

to moonlit water. And in memory I work
to make this lingering accurate and sweet."

From "Ghost Supper" by David Wojahn


Long time away, but life (job, school, hubby) sometimes demands deep attention regardless of my hunger for more light, more pixels caught.

I hope all is well with you and yours, and that your days are "lingering...and sweet."


Dale said...

Solstice passed: more light, now, day by day.


Pedro said...

Days are lighter with your beautiful photos and quotations.
Have a goos Xmas.

am said...

Hi Lori. As always, thanks so much for the deep inspiration that Chatoyance continues to be for me. I've been on a blog break that will last until January 1 but felt moved to comment on my favorite blogs today and then return to an unexpectedly fruitful silence.

Thank you for the links to the articles about deep attention and hyper attention. Here is a lively take on the subject:


Kind wishes always,

lowenkopf said...

For you, we'll wait.

Nadinha said...

I wish a year pregnant of good changes and of more light for you and yours.