Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chinked cedar

"Yet what puzzles me the most
Is my unwavering taste
For these dim, weathery ghosts..."

From "After the Rain" by Anthony Hecht


lowenkopf said...

I could get with this--provided it had an espresso machine.

am said...

Hecht: "... a poem, once it’s written, should be memorable and enduring. By enduring, I don’t mean a hundred years from now. I mean that when you go back and read it a second, third, fifth, and twentieth time, it still has all the power and authority that it had at the beginning ..."

Thanks for the link to that interview with Anthony Hecht. It's Memorial Day today. I stopped by here in April without commenting and since that time came across an essay by David Mason titled, ""The Contemplation of Horror is not Edifying': Anthony Hecht as a War Poet." Had forgotten that I had seen Anthony Hecht's name here until just now.

The house looks like it might be in Washington or Oregon at the mouth of the Columbia River. No windows visible. A well-built house.

Hope you and your beloveds are well.