Saturday, December 29, 2012


"A stick a bunch of rags a flower
need no transformation. The hour
given to sweet motion is a soul."

From "Outbreak" by Donald Revell


lowenkopf said...

About time.

Olga Norris said...

Good to have that voice of yours again: I love the combination of image and words you put together.

Thank you for the introduction to this interesting poem which conjures so many images. Also for the photo: strangely enough I have been thinking about sticks of soft and stiff qualities today because I want to make a writing brush for myself.

Happy Hogmanay, and I hope that 2013 brings what you need.

Pedro said...

You are very welcome but... get well from your ankle!!

am said...

Hi Lori. Good to see you posting again.

SaraConsuela said...

Hi Lori, Sorry to hear about your ankle. But, I am very glad to see you back online. I am always eager to see your posts!