Sunday, July 27, 2014

Igneous Intrusion

You can see it after time has worn away the overlay of sediment. It's where
some combination of fault and pressure pushed the molten magma up, up—
the glittering that's seen comes from a slow cooling while buried: Pluton,
the underworld made crystalline. When the air cools at night, it groans, layer
fractured and sliding on deep layer, the same phaneritic texture that abrades
my fingertips until they bleed muttering cross-grained to itself.

It's like this, with these poems. Magma (not from the core, note the geologists,
but from induction and subduction, a friction closer to the surface) and me, both
waiting for the crystals to form, for the uplift and erosion and then, the sky.


Larry said...

Such sweet and educated metaphor, Lori!

am said...

"... a friction closer to the surface ..."

Oh yes. That is what it is like with my art work. Waiting for the crystals to form. Thank you.