Saturday, July 04, 2015


"Scotoma," Samira Yamin, Video Projection.

Look at the sun long enough, and all that’s left
is a scotoma of shadow and radiance - not the
face of a boy who was made to watch as you
murdered his family, not your own face (and who
would dare remember you as you’d been, when
once a child?) I know someone who told me the
things you’d done, and I laughed at how stupid
you were, thinking you could eat Death and live.
Is it so hard to believe the simplest mistake is what’s
left you blind now, thinking you’d gaze at the sun
through the darkest glass and steal its glory? You
who all those ghosts stalk, as your blindness grows.


Lori Witzel said...

A poem requested by Ret, and I think necessary, no matter how small my skill. For more on the topic, see or

Dale said...


am said...

Especially in the context of the 4th of July, your poem is quite moving.

Thank you for the introduction to the work of Samira Yamin, as a result of which I read several articles and a video about her and her work.

Rethabile said...

C'est énorme! Thank you my friend. This moves the project a step or two further, and it is spot on.