Friday, June 10, 2016


John Colosimo (,
"A Galactic view from the Observation Deck," 2015

This body, walking, contains and creates much too much
information to share with you. If digitized, this walking—
streamed to the cloud in a fine-grained flow of Big Data—
would stop. The only cloud vast enough to hold this body
walking might be the Large Magellanic. I need to be lossy
in transmission, an imperfect translation of a physiology
of forward motion (mine) on a sandy path (recollected) to
language that elides as much as it reveals. Poetry is lossy,
just like me. This self is not identical to this body walking;
it’s constructed, compressed, an algorithm with which we
can search for what’s needed to reconstruct the whole of
this body, walking, stumbling towards what’s still unseen.

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