Friday, October 27, 2006

Ipomoea batatas


Ed Maskevich said...

I want to pun about leaving this alone but there is a quiet beauty that deserves more.

MjM said...

Stunning. Nice shot Lori! Love the contrast.

frank h said...

so many different green tones - beautiful image, Lori!

belinha said...

Batatas?!!!!That is a portuguese word!!!!Do you know it?

You wrote Uma boa Sábado!
So let's see:

Sábado and Domingo are masculine. So you must use Um bom Sábado/Domingo. Segunda feira, Terça feira, Quarta feira, Quinta feira,are feminine. You use Uma boa!

Nice weather over here. Really hot.Been walking and enjoying it while it lasts!

Have a nice weekend!

Larry Ayers said...

A nice image of a morning glory species I've never seen before. Nice contrasts! What's the flower like?

Mise said...

Where could I get one of those dark green plants?...gorgeous contrasts.

Lori Witzel said...

Hey everyone -- enjoying reading y'all's comments before I head in to the office for Sunday fun.

Belinha, thanks for the grammar feedback, I will have to learn more about masculine/feminine language for Portuguese!

Larry, I've never seen these Ipomoeas in flower -- they're sold by nurseries for ornamental foliage. Now I'm curious!

Mise, you might try here:

or here:

Tried to find plant sources in the UK for you, but no luck. (The chartreuse-colored leaves are Ipomoea batatas "Marguerite.")