Saturday, October 14, 2006



Anonymous said...

This is really cool. I like how the lilies { ? } leaves look like reeds in the water. :)

Nathan said...

Yes, it's a lovely illusion/metaphor. Magical.

Lori Witzel said...

Nathan, would love to have left a comment on this bit --

Butoh Writing 3 (Heathrow Airport, London)

For security reasons, baggage left unattended will be removed and destroyed by being dropped from 100 feet in the air into a seething primeval swamp inhabited by fashion models.

-- from your blog, but couldn't because Zdaz (or whatever it was) said I need to be a member. Sorry, but I'm holding out for being a dismember.

Anyway, it reminded me of my recent airport experience, only much funnier, so thanks for that.

Mise said...

This is lovely :-D

MB said...

Yes, exactly... in the seaweed.