Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jesus blesses the Montecillo


Dave MacIntyre said...

Nice vibrant colour and unique subject choice. I like this shot a lot!

MB said...

Always a good think, I reckon.

Pedro said...

Do I have to choose or can I have them both?

Lori Witzel said...

Thanks folks!

Dave, I've been meaning to take a picture in this little corner grocery near our house...finally did!

MB, yepper, always good to bless the wine (and then have another glass -- and another opportunity for blessing.)

pmbc, of course you can have them both! But only if you share some with me!

When I asked the gentleman behind the counter if I could take some pictures in the store, he said "Yes yes yes! You move anything you like! Anything! Is okay! In my other store people make a movie, and they take cameras in all day! Yes yes take picture!" So I bought an iced tea and caught a few pics before I dashed out.

Anonymous said...

Great composition!

(I sent your stuff by the way...!!)

Veeck said...

Funny. I wonder if in that part of the store was the bottled-watered section before they moved Jesus there.