Saturday, May 27, 2006

Time enough

Thank goodness it's a long weekend here...


Desambientado said...

Hi Lori.

I came here to be thankful for you visit to my blog.
Your blog have also beautiful photos and reveal lots of creative energy.

Thank You for your visit. It is a pleasure to make a translation for you of the “Legend of the Island of the Arvoredo”.

The translation starts here.

“God said: Start to produce abundantly waters where reptiles with a living soul will find home; and the birds will fly on the face of the expansion of the skies."

An Angel who wants to imitate God, decided to give wings to a goat, red spots to a cat and to create a horse without legs.

Then God called the Angel to Its presence and asked him: Why you wanted to imitate me?

The Angel answers him: Because I thought that Creation was easy.

God said to him: Because you made this, cursed you will be. I will recreate your work and there will be hidden under sea waters. Only few people are able to contemplate your work.

Therefore, near the island of the Arvoredo, in the Rocky Coast of Santa Catarina –Brazil, it is possible to find the Angel-fish, the flyer-goat, the Sea-horse and the Catfish.

If you were Angel, what you would create?



Lori Witzel said...

Felix, a thousand thank yous for your kindness and translation!

I am grateful I have the language of pictures, because (like many Americans) I'm undereducated in anything other than English (and American English at that.)

What a wonderful fable, and a great idea.

There's time enough now to wander around and ponder what I would create...and it seems worth being cursed, if it means something else unusual and beautiful gets to live!

Dave MacIntyre said...

Interesting shot Lori! I like the colour varieties!

I've added you to my links list on my page. Hope that is OK.


Khristina said...

Hello Lori,

Greetings from Bethlehem, PA.

I love your blog. It's a peculiar thing this word, chatoyance. My downstairs neighbor is a fantastic woodworker who doesn't advertise or promote his work in any way. He made me this great birds eye maple table last summer. We were looking at the table top one day when he mentioned its chatoyance, its undulating lustre. I just made him some business cards that say "meuble chatoyants." I hope they bring him luck and good business. All this is to say that I was so surprised to find a blog entitled chatoyance and immediately looked into your site. What wonderful images! (I can also feel your different geographic zone right through the site.) I particularly like this photo: Time enough. My blog is called Take Back Your Tea Time. So that's another connection. Thank you for the all the beautiful images here.

Your leisurely,