Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Aquila chrysaetos


zé pinho said...

olá, reparei que esteve a folhear 'o meu caderno preto', fico feliz por ter gostado do registo!
agora foi a minha vez de descobrir a sua página e devo confessar que me identifico muito com ela. gostaria de lhe dar os parabéns e de a convidar a visitar a minha galeria fotográfica em

hi,i´ve notest that you have seen 'o meu caderno preto', which makes me glad!
now its time to take a look at your page, and i must say that i identify myself with it!!!
congratulations. i woud like to invite you to see:
(sorry about my portuguese english!!!)

Unknown said...

Cave canum, or PETA!

Lori Witzel said...

Just thought I'd pop by and share some random sidebar thoughts with y'all:

1. After seeing what I found, yes, it could be seen as oblique political meditation
2. The dreadful pun "wrapped raptor" came to mind, I'm ashamed to say
3. The real reason it caught my eye was it was so interesting visually, fresh out of the box and still wrapped and shiny, in the dim cluttered back courtyard of an antiques store


Dave MacIntyre said...

Very reminds my of the golden raptors on top of the Ark Of The Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Ummmm....yeah.

MB said...

...yearning to be free

ThomP said...

Nice spotting:)

Stewart Sternberg said...


I am hoping you do some stuff for Halloween. I would like to see you express yourself darkly through photographs.

Mise said...

This is great ...I've come back to it several times ...I keep thinking of Yeats and the golden bird in a gilded cage ...and the irony of the apparent struggle ...