Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ripped off rock star

If you see a wild moiré pattern, it's your screen/monitor reacting to the tiny pinholes in the to enlarge and the moiré should disappear.


Ed Maskevich said...

I can't quite see through this one.

MB said...

I pick...that tape...OFF!!! ;-)

Dave MacIntyre said...

That's amazing! The tape and paper...they look like they are attached to my monitor and not part of the shot!! Crazy cool!

Dave said...

Poor mb, I feel her pain!

"Moiré" seems like a word I ought to know. Introduce us, will you? I'm just a little wary of going up to French words all by myself.

Lori Witzel said...

Hi all -- tired ol' LW online virtually the same time Dave is, so fresh gloss on "moiré" for y'all.

(And.."hahaha!" to Dave. I don't think there are many words that'd scare you.)

Moiré is used to describe the interference pattern formed from overlapping pattern-on-pattern.

Seems to have originated as a fabric term.
From the warp-and-weft web to a pixelated Web, here's a tiny tour of "moiré."

I became familiar with this use of the term during my stint in graphic arts.

From --

"... The pattern created by 2 or 3 halftone screens layed at 30 degrees to each other is called a rose pattern, a seemingly simple and unobtrusive pattern that normally does not offend the eye. However as soon as we diverge from this ideal we start see a moiré pattern that progressively gets worse. ..."

And, since nothing exceeds like excess, here are some more moiré links: