Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's the weather, man

"...Early on, distant relations kept calling.
Now, nothing: sound of water

tippling a seawall. ..."

From "Radio Crackling, Radio Gone" by Lisa Olstein


All's fine in Central Texas post-Ike...but not (yet) for my friends in Galveston and Houston. Thanks, all y'all, for your care and concern. Stay dry.


lowenkopf said...

Some migas would surely help.

Dale said...


Glad all's well with you.

Pod said...

have you read jonotahn strange and mr norrell by susanna clarke?

Laura Frankstone said...

A little bit of France tucked away there in weathered and splintering Texas! I'm relieved to hear you're okay and that the hurricane was not, in general, as destructive as was feared.

Anonymous said...

Roping the fleur de lis?

Glad you didn't get sopped too badly--I suddenly remember you and came to peek.

Clever, that horizon one.