Thursday, September 11, 2008

Storm front

"... I hear the vacant rain before it falls.
It's like the murmur of a spiraled shell. ..."

From "The Dowser's Ear" by Wilmer Mills


Yes, Hurricane Ike is coming to visit.
I believe we're in for at least some heavy rain and wind in Central Texas.
Please keep my friends and neighbors on the Gulf Coast in your thoughts.
I'll post again once the storm clears.


Update 9/13 10:41am

Windy but not badly so, and overcast, here in the Austin area -- see how wide Texas is to get an idea of how large Ike is.

The storm center seems to have nudged further east as it smacked into the coast, so not as much going on in Central Texas as we thought might. No heavy rain, all is well so far.

However, I have friends who left Galveston to stay in Central Texas through Ike, and am hoping their home is not too badly damaged. Will meet them for brunch tomorrow and hear more.

Just FYI, a Twitter feed from a Galveston-based reporter.


R.L. Bourges said...

be safe

Dale said...


Thinking of you. xoxo

Pedro said...

Sure we will. Hold on, Texas.

Anonymous said...

Take care, and keep us posted.

mansuetude said...

your soul seems tied to a great rock, hope your safe in the wind and sea as it approaches land. (your blog is necessary) :)

am said...

Keeping you in my thoughts. My heart is much more tuned to the Gulf Coast since Katrina. My sister lives near the coast in Mississippi. Hope everyone finds their "shelter from the storm."

Granny J said...

May all be well with you and your neighbors to the south. Beautiful picture catches the mood.

raindog said...

i hope you make it out ok. we're getting the @#$% kicked out of us with rain right now. and only a week after being evacuated for gustav. always fun on the gulf coast, eh?