Friday, October 24, 2008

Doors 1, 2, 3

"...digging up ginseng;

carding wool;

where does matter end and space begin? ..."

From "Before Completion" by Arthur Sze


Thanks to you lovely readers who sent me "pink light" and other restorative energy. Some of the dark lowering clouds concerning family, friends, and others have cleared, and I am grateful to you for your care and kindness as I wait for the rest of the metaphorical front to blow through.


lowenkopf said...

I could fantasy a nice second home in a portion of such a place. Of course it would have hot and cold running latte and wf-fi.

It is evocative in the sense of seeming a place not to get away from but to get to.

Granny J said...

Evocative of a time and place long gone. I never cease to wonder at Lori's eye.

mansuetude said...

this poet, i loved meeting him... thanks

am said...

Thinking of you. Grateful for your photography paired with poems and poets.

"I stop and gaze at yellow light in a clearing. As grief dissolves and the mind begins to clear, an s twist begins to loosen the z twisted fiber."
(Arthur Sze)

This is is the time of year of "yellow light in the clearing" in Northwest Washington. Still being visited by a hummingbird. Have heard that Anna's Hummingbird's stay all winter.