Friday, October 17, 2008

A sign, but the building was long gone

"...It is the eights and my name the only name they ever let me
It is the eights, my lantern, my lodestone..."

From "The Eights" by Dan Chelotti


Jannie Funster said...

Good pix and poetry too!

Lovin' yer blog.

Motel 8?

Dale said...


Granny J said...


lowenkopf said...

Reminiscent of male pattern baldness and of course male pattern boldness.

Lori Witzel said...

Hey all y'all! I hope you are having fun this weekend; me, I just wrapped up a paper on Congreve and have to fix a broken toilet, so must add more fun shortly.

Jannie: Thanks so much for stopping by -- went to your site, and like your spunkiness. Nope, not a Motel 8 -- I have no clue about this place at all.

Dale: :-)

GrannyJ: The ghost of numbers past...

Shelly: Or perhaps it's just a sign infinity has been upended? BTW, I decided on Congreve, although Sheridan did have a rather dramatic life. Eeehhh. Restoration British drama seems to be not my thing. Chekhov was a much more copacetic read for me last week.

lowenkopf said...

I can see why you'd be tempted toward Congreve. His play, The Old Bachelor, would work well today with a good director. Imagine Albert Finney doing the part. For a while back there, I thought Restoration meant more hair.

Chekhov rocks in his way, but Dostoyevski is da man,

Anonymous said...

Lucky there was that red car back there, with a flash of silver...

When you have some time, let's hear more about your projects! Of course, we know you never do have time.


I'm wondering if Corey Mesler had wandered onto your list. Anyway, I put something up about his new book, plus a few poems, when you have just a few minutes to read. One has to do what one can to help poetry books these days.