Friday, June 05, 2009

It smelled like rain

"...Home where I walk out on the thin page
of night, without waving or giving myself away,
and return with my words burning like fire in the grate."

From "Home Fire" by Linda Parsons Marion


Am off to work a trade show, then back to work in Austin and back to present for my art history class, then off to work a different trade show, then back to work in Austin and on to finish my art history course. (The class ends June 30.)

I long for time to do nothing but drive around with a camera next to me...but it won't happen for at least two or three more weeks.

I hope all is well with you and yours, and I'll catch you ASAP.


Chris Bonney said...

Thanks for stopping by! You probably know all the good towns down your way. I'm headed to Austin in another month or so and may seek your counsel if I can carve out an extra day to go wandering with the camera.

lowenkopf said...

Good to have you back.

raindog said...

nice! love the contrasting elements.

Granny J said...

As ever, a stunning combination, Lori.

San said...

Peeling paint excites me! Yes, I smell the rain.

And thank you for the introduction to Linda Parsons Marion.