Thursday, June 18, 2009

Run away

"At night we will set our poems
adrift in ginger ale bottles
each with a clamshell rudder
each with a piggyback spider..."

From "Running Away Together" by Maxine W. Kumin


It's hot. About 101 degrees in heat-stroked Austin, Texas.

And I am underwater on the "things to do and things to handle" list.

But, as ever, I'm glad you stopped by.


Dale said...

Hugs! Or, well, spritzes of nice cool water, or something!

Pedro said...

And I am glad you still got time for a post.
It is always good to visit you.

mansuetude said...

got the "hots" here too.
steamy (maybe that humidity makes you feel "underwater" anyway)

lowenkopf said...

Keep doing and handling, Lori.

jarvenpa said...

The "things to do" looks a lot like my desk!

I was just admiring your amazing way of combining poetry and photographs, always refreshing to my mind and heart. Thank you.