Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here and there

"...The map in the shopping center has an X
signed 'you are here.' A dream is like that. ..."

From "A Happy Childhood" by William Matthews


It hasn't rained, but I did have a splendid Saturday involving a long-time friend, some ancho-blackberry jam, and BBQ at this place.

Too much for my friend and I to talk about, to stand under the white-hot sky and look for things my camera would like to snack on. (Sometimes things are for the looking and not the catching.)

Another business trip this week and more family health matters to wrangle, but there's jam in the fridge reminding me of happy things.


Dale said...

Nice to see you, Ms Lori!

lowenkopf said...

That's the door to Town & Gown, right?

steven said...

hi lori, reya told me i should spend time here. she's right! this is a cleverbeautiful blog.
the picture with the parallel fold and curve of the screen netting and the slowly climbing plant is really beautiful. it's filled with stories.
"x marks the spot". sometimes people rub out the x on mall maps. when i wake with the presence of a dream just off the centre of my remembering, it feels like someone rubbed out the "x". where am i?
i like the camera snacking on images. i find that there are days when i see things with my eyes that just can't or won't or shouldn't pass through the camera. have a peaceful day. steven

jarvenpa said...

Jam is good.

Is that a morning glory of some sort in your photo? So pretty.

Gasping in heat here in the Pacific Northwest as well...

Unknown said...

That's a particularly felicitous photo.