Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ice cream later

"...The fourth child wonders: What makes poems poems?
The fifth one asks: Which of them is your favorite?
The sixth one asks me: Is there ice cream later?
The seventh child asks: Is a poem dreaming?..."

From "Reading to the Children" by Herbert Morris


Smiler said...

No doubt about it: I'd be the one asking about the ice cream too. Hope all is well in your parts (waves).

jarvenpa said...

Oh, Herbert Morris! I love his work. Back in the long ago day in which some of it was coming out in kayak I begged our editor to tell me where/when Morris's books might be coming out. Hitchcock said "oh, he's not interested". Probably he wasn't interested in the chapbook offer from kayak, but soon thereafter Peru came out and astonished and delighted my soul.

And your photos. Oh yes. Sometimes I wish I could be a bird on your shoulder watching what you see.

Dale said...


Lori Witzel said...

Hey, all y'all!

Things are rather overload-ish in my parts, but we're making it through.

Smiler: Nice to see you! (waves back) I went and got some shaved ice yesterday, and made a happy sticky mess of myself.

Jarvenpa: The cool thing for me about trying to find some snippet that "works" with a pic is I get exposed to many, many excellent poets I'd never known before. Given it's been triple-digit heat here and I'm working too much on work-work and schoolwork, alas, the bird would be seeing my laptop screen mostly...but this too shall pass.

The recent round of pix came from an hour or so spent wandering in a little town near where I live...I live in tract-home strip-mall exurbs, much less full of flavor than some of these small towns.

Dale: Have you ever had shaved ice?

jarvenpa said...

Oh well, I'm sure the bird's eye view of your laptop screen is also remarkable, Lori.
As to shaved ice, there's a new stand just opened in the soon to be in place town square in the middle of my little town (used to be dusty parking lot). Dale will have to come on out.

lowenkopf said...

I'd call this a keeper for our long-ago portrait of Texas as seen by Lori project. I was there in the sense of wishing I were. Strange things going on academically here; I hope they are less strange for you.

Granny J said...

As ever, I wonder how you find so many places of the past. Perhaps if I went to some of our old Arizona mining communities that haven't been discovered and boutiqued up, I could find a handful of evocative pictures like you serve up so regularly.

Reya Mellicker said...

Hi Lori, Hey hello and long time no see. Thanks for your sympathies. Means a lot.

Is a poem dreaming?

am said...

I've been quiet for awhile but have to say, "I'm the sixth child!"

My dad loved ice cream, too. He used to take my sisters and me for long drives in our Ford station wagon (a woody) on Sundays when my mother had migraine headaches and needed time alone. He used to take us to a place that looked like the place in your photograph, except that it was called a creamery. We would sit at a counter and eat single scoops of ice cream in round metal dishes.

Anonymous said...

the seventh child sounds the most familiar to me. Nice to 'see' the ones waving at you in the comments.

raindog said...

i love this! aside from the kickin worn typography, i've always wondered where i could get cigars and confectionery in a one stop shop. just a damn shame it didn't live.

Willie Baronet said...

beautiful! And happy birthday to you!!