Friday, January 01, 2010


"I am imagining this world but I’m inviting you in
So I can join you."

From "Museums" by Dan Beachy-Quick


It was windy, cold day when I saw that wreath on the storefront. And it is a windy, cold day today.

I'm going out to get gingerbread pancakes -- then back to trying to braid Kant, Hegel, Preziosi, tiny images of enormous Assyrian figures, and Peter Greenaway (among others) into a net within which I can catch my thoughts.

There's much going on, too much to type up here.
But I am glad you stopped by, glad for the invisible company -- I hope you have a wonderful, happy New Year.


lowenkopf said...

If the gingerbread pancakes worked their magic on you, we should have remarkable visions from the remarkable visions of your thoughts. Happy New Year.

Pedro said...

Have a good new year, Lori.

steven said...

so dan beachy-quick just leapt off the page and blew me away with that tasty phrase lori!!!! i'll be rooting around in his other work really soon. the wreath is a really sweet photograph too! what a treasure trove! i wish a happy new year for you. steven

marja-leena said...

Have a happy, creative and delicious New Year, Lori!

Dale said...


happy new year, you!

Willie Baronet said...

Keep shining sista!

Querulous Squirrel said...

wishes you a happy new year...