Saturday, January 16, 2010

The wind died down

"...we stroked to her bones a cadenced droning,
and took back from her absence, our
amber, half-literal method of sight."

From "Windows" by Linda Bierds


Distractions from my pixel-catcher include:
1. Work (lots, oh my)
2. Schoolwork (a massive pile o' reading and writing; but my first essay is done, set sailing into my professor's inbox)
3. The Mur (non-trivial surgery again, later this week)

All reasonable distractions, but I'm not feeling very reasonable.
Go and have some fun for me, would you?


A brief update, for all y'all (and apologies for the lolcat fiesta, but sometimes lolcats happen):
1. Lather, rinse, repeat.
2. After spending every weekend since I got the course syllabus working on my first essay, upon my first meeting with my professor I was told "no, that's not what I assigned". Surprise! :-( I asked for permission to do it over, which was given, and validated what (I hope) my professor wants. I spent the last week sweating through Kant, Hegel et al again (lather, drink from the firehose, repeat), hopefully to serve up what will be accepted. And, after burning every spare minute I could find on the task, I lobbed my fresh 40+ pages of reading-the-assigned-text-with-my-comments into the professor's inbox tonight -- wish me luck.
3. The Mur is on the mend, but not quite spunky yet.


lowenkopf said...

Gonna yarn bomb a few graduate studies programs in your name.

steven said...

lori s much in such a little space! the branches reaching across the door do lots for me. steven

Lori Witzel said...

Hey y'all -- about to head out for a long walk.

Shelly: Thanks! I have no doubt you've got yarn (or yarns) to spare for the task!

Steven: It was so cold, and wet, and windy that day! I stood shivering near that window until the wind died down enough to fit my non-tripod approach to things. Glad you stopped by, as ever!

Justin Hamm said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Diane Dehler said...

Thanks for an intro to an interesting poet. I followed the link, I opened the door, fell down the rabbit hole, wandered past the point of no return..

Hope your spirits lift soon; January is such a difficult month. I would go have fun for you but it would involve immersing myself in a rainstorm and two more on the way.

am said...

Thinking of you and your work and the Mur and his surgery. Kind wishes always.

My sister sent me the following. Someone out there in Idaho is having some fun for us until we can have some fun, too:

Rebecca Clayton said...

We've been pretty well snowed in since December in Pocahontas County, so here's hoping I can do a little yarn bombing soon. Our public spaces seldom have human visitors, but I'll bet the crows and ravens would get a kick out of some of my primary-colored spinning products.

Thanks for the great idea, and, as always, for the photos and poems!

Anil P said...

In time the branches might knock on the window and converse, until then they'll admire their reflection in the glass.

Wonderfully rustic feel to the picture.

steven said...

no tripod! me neither! steven

Lori Witzel said...

Hi everyone -- I am somewhat miserably hip-deep in German aestheticians and my responses to them, hence no new pics until I can wander (maybe tomorrow).

(It would be easier if my responses could be simply to reproduce Munch's "The Scream," but alas I need to do it in words, sentence by crowbar-pried-apart sentence.)

Justin -- so nice to "meet" you; I used to post much more frequently, but my life's just not got the time for such now. I hope you'll keep stopping by on occasion.

Princess -- February here's been wildly rainy, compounding the tough time for getting out for pix. Oh well -- hope your puddles aren't too deep to leap.

am -- what a great link! Thanks for your good wishes, I really appreciate them.

Rebecca -- Thanks back to you; I always enjoy stopping by your blog.

Anil -- thanks ever so much! I stopped by and took a look at your blog, and loved what you see. Come back by when you can!

Steven -- yes, I'm a freaky anti-tripod person; it gets in the way of me feeling a spontaneous response to a thing. So that creates limitations, but limitations IMO are good for creative energy -- sonnet form, the edge of a canvas, etc. :-)

Dana S. Whitney said...

I hope all procedures go... with our without tripods/pod people and/or German aestheticists... (seems possibly like an oxymoron.. but then I think of Beethoven.)
I'm sending you pink light and a non-time consuming bit o'fun for you.

am said...

Good to hear that the Mur is on his way to spunky again. Loved the lather, rinse, repeat and the cats.
Best of luck with your essay!

Kind wishes,

kasturi said...

go lori!

can't speak for your professor, but i'm impressed

~ k

Lisa Call said...

Love love love this photo!