Sunday, February 14, 2010



melts midair
to rain.

From "The Months" by Linda Pastan


I'm slightly back, and I definitely need more play time.
I decided to grab five minutes just outside our front porch to catch the small trees, and I need hours more like that.

School? The professor seemed to think my historiography journal redo was sufficient, as was my last journal entry, although I have no confidence that will continue to be the case. So I continue to split the logs of others' thinking with my dull axe and write/chop cordage as best I can. Michel Foucault has been reduced to firewood; Craig Owens is in progress.

Work? Well, here's a synopsis of March:
Go to Atlanta to work an industry trade show.
The next week go to London and manage a conference for my company.
And somehow get caught up on work and schoolwork when, the week after, I go to Corpus Christi to present a paper on Donatello's Penitent Magdalen.

The Mur is still not quite back to feeling right, but "the Dude abides".
And he is making pot roast for Valentine's Day, that sweetheart.

Okay, time to get back at that pile of logs I need to chop...


steven said...

focuault's down - hey good for you!!! lori it's so nice to see you up and around sharing this part of your cerebral functioning!!! steven

Rebecca Clayton said...

By chance, we are currently stuggling with literal firewood. Our wood pile is so deeply covered in snow that we have to cut some green wood. Trade ya?

lowenkopf said...

Good to have you back in our midst. Good also that Focault is reduced to the kindling status he so richly deserves.

If Donatello had seen Texas, he'd have chosen a different medium.

marly youmans said...

Careful with burning that candle at both ends! Glad things are better, dudewise.

Now I'm going to go pop through all the pictures and quotes and news. I like that offering picture... And now I'm off for more.

Diane Dehler said...

I'm all for chopping literary critics. lol

I recently put up some tree photos although mine had some blooms. It's nearly Spring in Californa but not quite.

Dana S. Whitney said...

Holy moly! Good luck. Pervasive Software, hmmm? And medical conferences... there's a blend that could definitely make one ill.
Art and history seem like good alternative to me.

chris miller said...

Time foryou to post some more pictures!

BTW -- just saw a big exhibit of William Eggleston - and thought about about your shots of neglected Southern ephemera are different.