Sunday, April 04, 2010


"For such a man, art is an act of faith:
Prayer the study of it, as Blake says,
And praise the practice; nor does he divide
Making from teaching, or from theory.
The three are one, and in his hours of art
There shines a happiness through darkest themes,
As though spirit and sense were not at odds."

From "The Painter Dreaming in the Scholar’s House" by Howard Nemerov


The cat naps, but I can't yet.

Finished (for now) with Preziosi, up to my eyeballs in Poussin's Seven Sacraments, leaving for a business trip tomorrow at 5am, and traveling to work conferences about every other week through late May.

I have until the end of April to write my final research paper, and digest/recall canonical works of art from the Renaissance on until the present moment.

I then have a scholarly conference in May, and need to get that presentation into shape.

So through until at least the beginning of June, my weekends and weeknights are spent studying/looking at paintings and trying to think, and then trying to write; my weekdays and weeknights are spent wrangling business doings.

I miss my playtime, I look forward to time to dream.


Dale said...

How wonderful to see you! I miss you. Do your work, just promise that you're coming back :-)

Lori Witzel said...

I miss me too. :-) And I miss you, Dale, although I sneak peeks at the wonderful things you share online.

Heck yeah, I'll come back, wild horses etc...the reason I'm pursuing this wacky graduate thang is ultimately because I love looking, and seeing, and feeling, and writing, and there are far more things to do on that count than can fit into a course, a degree, a life.

lowenkopf said...

Been a while, Lori.

lowenkopf said...

Just stopping by on 4/18 in hopes you're somewhat caught up but none the less curious about the world now and way back then.

kyknoord said...

I know the feeling. I haven't slept in a while and I kind of miss the dreaming, too.

Nadinha said...

Greetings from Portugal.
I wished I were a cat... and sleep like them.

am said...

"There shines a happiness."

Hi Lori (-:

Thank you!

Kind wishes,