Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ventana de borrachos

"...that flaw,
that deathward plunge that’s locked inside all form,
till what seems solid floats away, dissolves,
and these poor bastard things, no longer things,
drift back to pure idea."

From "What Light Destroys" by Andrew Hudgins


Keeping the energy up. Keeping the lights on. Keeping cool under a white-hot sky. Keeping the questions coming. Keeping one hand on the keyboard, another on a book. Keeping my ideas, day-dreams, options, wishes, and eyes open. Keeping my topic sentences active, and my coffee topped off. Keep well this week, all y'all.


lowenkopf said...

Some fancy topic sentences you've got there, lady.

Willie Baronet said...

keep it all open baby! And keep writing and picture takin'. You have the gift.

James-H said...

Love this.

Modern architects would steal this idea: part frosted transulcent glass, part coated, reflective glass.

They might even steal the oxidizing metal frames.

Nadinha said...

I like it!

Nadinha said...

We can't hide the beauty