Tuesday, February 23, 2016


“The Blessingway [Hózhójí] holds historical
precedence over all of the other chants, being
given to the Earth Surface People shortly after
the Emergence into this world.”
From Hanksville and Karen Strom

Tonight, we sang like coyotes until the small
dog sang with us. “I have come upon it, I have
come upon a blessing,” say the singers.
night, jokes and stories told about your father,
by your father through you, about a cat and a
medicine show. “People, my relatives, I have
come upon blessing,” say the singers.
We smile
together when the small dog smiles. Before us
is blessing, behind us is blessing, above us, all
around us, as we howl and laugh, the 12 word
song is filled in with pollen, and crushed petals,
and cornmeal, singing blessingway through us.

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