Sunday, April 10, 2016


Logan Brumm, "Milky Way Over Scholz Lake, Flagstaff Arizona (edited)," 2011

The wreckage and birth of celestial bodies leaving nocturnes
and grit sparkling above and around us. It’s been a long while
since I’ve left a city looking to be wrapped in perfect darkness.
Here, what’s strewn onto the midnight jeweler’s velvet fades
out, over-lit by sodium street lamps, parking lot safety needs,
spotlight torches in a landscaped yard. So, we go further to see
meteors—pinpricks flickering, cascading like a bioluminescent
tide—and then come to rest under a galactic archipelago. Lace
clouds of diamond dust, beautiful chemistries, the opalescent
milt of creation—I’ll tell you that sleeping beneath this celestial
sphere is a gift, and dreaming beneath it is to be made whole.

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