Friday, May 26, 2006

Thursday Challenge: Ground, x2

Red and white.



neilornstein said...

I love red and white. I see rothco and dubuffet and wirtzel.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Amazing textures and colour captured here Lori! Very abstract.

MB said...

Love your new definition of canvas! These are great designs.

frank-h said...

amazing art around us
we need your eye
to find it

Willie Baronet said...

To me, these represent a new depth to your photos. Beautiful!!

Karen McL said...

Great Photos...I Likee.

I tend to be a Jackette-of-all-trades and must express that part in a multitude of media and in my daily life... It does good for those of us with creative energy of all stripes and styles.

And a Blog roll to YOU!

Veeck said...

What challenge is that, lori? And I do think you won it already with those pictures. Great ones.

Lori Witzel said...

Neil, you named two of my faves...isn't it cool when the pavement beneath our feet reflects artful beauty back to us?

Dave, MB, Frank, rrramone and rejas -- aw shucks, thanks.

Karen -- thanks for the roll, will dig through your site to gather the right adjectives and will roll back!

And rejas, the challenge lives at:

Bye for now -- have to go walk around some today and see what I can find!

Anonymous said...

AS usual, beautiful.

ThomP said...


lydia said...

These are gorgeous!!!