Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Musa in sunlight


Dick the Boomer said...

It almost looks like fabric. Is it a plant? Perfect lighting for whatever it is,

Dave MacIntyre said...

An awesome string of pictures I missed while I was away Lori! Great stuff!

Karen McL said...

Lovely...and GREEN is my FAV color.

"It's [so] easy being Green...spending each day in the color of the leaves..."


Lori Witzel said...

Hey Dick -- this was a musa species, aka some unknown banana -- crawled under and into a thick of them at mid-day when I saw how nicely the sun was lighting through the leaves.

The hard part?
Semi-squatting and looking up with camera in hand until the wind died down knees are still a bit achey from that!

david said...

You twisted the plant's fractal nature into a euclidean shape. See what happens when a mathematician does a review :D

It's amazing how the light makes these dark green shadows from the nerves of the leaf.

Tanya said...

Love this! I am facinated with the intricasy in trees and leaves. And the sunlight only makes it more beautiful! : )