Saturday, August 19, 2006



Belinha Fernandes said...

Hello Lori!Thanks for dropping by.Laugh a lot with your dialog "in my kitchen"!I'm glad you have fun when you visit Papelustro.Your last pics are also very nice.I loved Photophonc.I love movies.Old ones.New ones.Color.Black and white.All languages.One request only:they must be good!Lately I don't go often to movie theatre.It is expensive and we have Multiplex-many small rooms not the old big rooms with big screen.Anyway my main problem is money not the room!!!Have a nice weekend and take lots of curious photos for us!

Karen McL said...

"Speak *Friend* and Open...?"


Willie Baronet said...

I need one of those. :-)

MB said...

if you look well
you will find
between leaves
and sky
between blue
and green
between stone
and shadow
a way

Dick the Boomer said...

I love the composition on this. Perfect title. The shadow of the tree reminds me of a reflection on water.

Lori Witzel said...

Thanks for stopping by, everybody!

Belinha: I agree that those multiplexes are just not much fun. And I am finding curious things this weekend!

Karen: *snork*

Rrramone: As do do we all.

MB: Thank you so much for the poem-comment. To quote a line from a favorite song of mine, "If I could only fly..."

Dick: I guess there are mystical moments to be found even walking back to one's car in a strip-mall parking lot. And thank goodness for that, eh?