Saturday, August 12, 2006

Silent "talkie"

For my movie-loving friends. Found this outside a store in Jerome Arizona, gathering windblown sand.

The RCA Photophone was, along with the Western Electric Vitaphone, an early sound-on-film solution that turned silent films into "talkies." RCA Photophone was later bought by Joe Kennedy as part of the creation of his film production company, RKO Pictures.

How many of those kids who watched RKO movies at the Saturday matinee are now sharing videos of their grandchildren through the internet?


Doodlestreet said...

Oh man! This is so so cool! Just love stuff like this. I think I have about 20 pieces of old old photo equip. like this laying around my studio collecting dust...but stuff like this 'should' have a little dust on it, don't you think?
As always, nice work.

Karen McL said...

Very KOOL find...and Picture.

Thanks for the History update. *smile*