Wednesday, September 20, 2006


As always, better click.


Anonymous said...

So Flash Gordon! Beautiful.

~d said...

Hiya Lori,
I come to you thru Thomp and his pix. I love love love the poetry of a comment you made about the photography!

I clicked, I enlarged, I still am not certain what I am looking at.

It is nice to 'meet' you

Mise said...

That's a great's so clean, and such an unusual angle. I saw snow and sci-fi first.The rocket even has a heat trail!

It took my square way of looking at things a while to figure out what it actually was! :-D

Karen McL said...

Without the frame of reference of the "...let" it almost looks like something silvery diving from the pale hazy sky above.

Great shot!

Dave MacIntyre said...

Gorgeous lines...what a car! :D

MjM said...

At first, I thought the title of the photo was "jet". Creamy white '57 Chevy, mmmmMmmm!

raindog said...

so cool. very smooth. where are we finding these pristine specimens i wonder? jolly good show either way!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mz L! That's some amazingly aerodynamic imagery! Lovely and kind of spiritual in a funky way.

Anonymous said...

lori, thank you again for looking at my images and comments. i enjoy photographing street of seattle from that angle. stories that people can tell you!

i see you read regugees blog daily. he writes well and i am happy to make the stop at his blog a daily rutine by now.

this shot of yours of a white car. you nialed the composition on it, enough to make people curious and in awe for the lines so classic. really doesn't even matter what car, just the class that matters.

anita/hte street photographer.

Lori Witzel said...

Hey all -- what a fun bunch back here in comments-land!

Anon #1: Aw shucks! It is pretty futuroid, isn't it?

~: Hey Tilde, have seen your comments on Thomp and you have cracked me up! Am so glad you stopped by -- and I think Mike (mjm) nailed what this purty thang is. Come on back when you can!

Mise: When I started walking around the car with camera pressed to eye, saw this and it just clicked. :-)

Karen: I love it when things are transformed simply through a different point of view -- it's like magic to me.

Dave: Forgive my ignorance, but do they have classic car shows where you live? It's like walking through a candy shop for color and texture and light and shadow...get you some time at one, would love to see what you'd see!

mjm: It was soooo pretty. Glad you like!

raindog: The people who show at classic car shows buff and polish until everything is made jewel-like. And the car shows outdoors are so great due to light and clouds and reflections...all delight and surprise when one clicks the shutter.

Laura: Now that you mention it, it does have some kind of Deep South Gospel Thang goin' on for me...a Sunday-Go-to-Meeting kind of classic car.

Anita: Mind if I tell people your blogsite? You rock, would love folks to go see your street pics.

lydia said...

Fan-freakin-tastic! love it.

Bill Z said...

beautiful - I love that old fashion design

Mise said...

I'm back here again. This is such a great photo, that you should sell it to GM or something. :-D

Andrea said...

I almost wish you couldn't see the gold lettering of the Chevrolet. Then it would just be the chrome object swimming in a sea of reflective white goodness. I guess I always try and abstract everything. ')